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Controlling access is the key to security

By using a series of restricted locking zones, we can design a key system that allows the people you choose to go only as far as you'd like.


-  Commercial key systems

-  Master key systems

-  Restricted key systems.

-  High-end locks

-  Installation and maintenance


From physical keys to differing levels of access on security cards, you can make sure the secure parts of your business stay secure! Consult with our master locksmith to discuss your restricted key options.

Protect your livelihood

Give yourself unfettered access

You have the master key

While the restricted zones will help regulate your security, the last thing you want is to be locked out by your own system. With your own master key, you'll enjoy the ability to move from zone to zone so you can keep an eye on your whole business.


Invest in your protection

One quick call to our commercial security experts is all it takes to get started. You can learn more about the features of the restricted key system and get an estimate of how quickly our efficient crews would take for installation.


Upgrade your home security, too!

Once you see how easy it is to make your business secure, you'll start to wonder if you can apply some of the same security measures at home. Yes, you can! Anything we can do to keep your business safe, we can do to keep your family safe!

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